We carefully curate our ingredients for authenticity, deliciousness, and excellence. Whether you’re on your first or last bite, you’ll have every reason to close your eyes and enjoy!


We’re proud to continue the Hawaiian tradition of making healthy food irresistible. Our poke bowls burst with fresh, nourishing ingredients, and our excellence ensures preparation safety.


We are here to help you live your best life. From the unique flavors of our poke bowls to our on-tap kombucha, we’re your go-to oasis for everything healthy, happy, and delicious.


Nature will never have to draw the short stick when it comes to IPC. Ever conscious of our carbon footprint, we ensure our processes benefit everyone — including the environment.


We love what we do. You’ll taste it in our flavors, recognize it in our smiles, and experience it in our warm, welcoming atmosphere. When it comes to food with true soul, nobody beats IPC.

Guest Experience

Whether you’re eating poke for the first time or the fifth, we will always use our expertise to create a phenomenal experience for you. You are our guest, and we will take care of you!