1. Reasons Poke Bowls are Trending

    Odds are, you haven’t head of a poke bowl until very recently. Rhyming with okay, poke bowls are one of the latest food crazes — and for good reason. This Hawaiian import is popping up in five star restaurants all across the continental US, as well as on food shows and even in homes. We predict this versatile food will soon be as mainstream as tacos and pizza. The International Poke Company, t…Read More

  2. What Is the Difference Between Ceviche and Poke?

    Ceviche and poke are very similar dishes, but what’s the difference? At International Poke Company in Colorado Springs, we get this question quite often from our poke restaurant guests, so we’ve decided to write a blog post on the topic. Ceviche, also called cebiche or seviche, is a wonderful seafood dish that is often made from fresh raw fish that has been cured in citrus juices (think lemon …Read More

  3. What Is Ahi Poke?

    If you like burrito bowls and you love sushi, you’re taste buds are going to adore an ahi poke bowl. This trendy, Hawaiian-inspired dish has become a favorite among people in Colorado Springs, and for good reason. Pronounced poh-kay, ahi poke is basically a salad of cubed raw ahi tuna that has been marinated in sesame oil, soy sauce, or another delicious dressing. Often tossed with other ingredi…Read More