1. 3 Facts About Hawaiian Poke Bowls

    Hawaiian cuisine has become incredibly popular among Colorado residents, especially Hawaiian poke. As one of the state’s most loved dishes, Hawaiian poke is a great way to taste some of the island’s best offerings, while enjoying bountiful flavors and a full stomach. Poke is considered to be a local food, or “local grind” in Hawaii. At The International Poke Company in Colorado Springs, we…Read More

  2. 5 Things To Know About Hawaiian Poke

    Poke, also called poke sushi, is a century-old dish that was originally derived from Hawaii. Poke involves an array of fresh ingredients, including raw fish, which are specially combined to create delicate flavors and a delicious, unforgettable dish. At The International Poké Company in Colorado Springs, we’re passionate about creating chef-designed, environmentally-friendly poke at our poke re…Read More