Fish on Fridays has been a tradition for many, many years. Fish is one of the healthiest foods for you. Fish is high in protein, low in fat, and full of healthy fats, especially omega-3 fatty acids. Fish is light, cooks fast (or not at all in the case of sushi or poke), and makes a great meal when you’re in a rush.

The International Poke Company offers the best poke bowls in Colorado Springs. Choose your fish, or check out our vegan and vegetarian options as well. In this blog post, we’ll review the history of poke in Hawaii. Visit us today!


Poke began how many classic dishes began — by using the foods available around your living area. Poke is, in essence, fish surrounded by natural ingredients, traditionally seaweed, spices, and other available vegetables. Poke is associated with Hawaii, but it has been popular amongst all the island people of the Pacific. Originally, the fish was salted, partly for taste and partly for preservation purposes. Any type of seafood can be used, from octopus and mussels to tuna and whitefish.

The name “poke”, which rhymes with okay, wasn’t christened on this classic dish until the 1960s and the 1970s. The name is a Hawaiian word, which means “to cut crosswise into pieces.” Ahi tuna was one of the first fish to be used in this newfangled dish, mainly because of the appeal of its bright pink color, which complements seaweed and other ingredients nicely.


Poke is traditionally prepared by gutting the fish, deboning, it, and then skinning it. It’s followed by its signature cutting that gives it its name. It was always marinated (and still is in Hawaii), usually in a soy-sauce based dressing. It was traditionally paired with seaweed, sea salt, limu, or algae, and candlenuts; however, if you visit a modern Hawaiian restaurant that serves amazing poke bowls, such as the International Poke Company in Hawaii, you find quite the variety of this healthy dish.

Poke has only become well-known and popular in the last few years here in the mainland and in areas such as Colorado Springs. This is in part due to food competitions, food festivals, and popular cooking shows.


Poke was originally made from freshly caught fish from that day. Fishermen would usually eat poke as a snack by itself or with seaweed. However, in the quest to make a meal out of poke, it began to be paired with heartier items, such as rice and quinoa. Nowadays, in this world of culinary arts and experimentation, poke now appears in a variety of dishes and pairings that make for wonderful flavors. You can now find entrees, such as poke nachos, poke quinoa, and poke with chicken. There are many other options, such as zucchini noodles and poke, cauliflower with poke, corn and kale salad with poke, bamboo shoots and poke, mango fruit with poke, orange slices added to poke as a topping, and almond poke salad.

Here at the International Poke Company, we offer our own take on poke favorites. Choose from our International Poke Creations that include our signature Leche de Tigre Tuna, made from Peruvian aji sauce, lime, ginger, serrano chile, roasted corn, red onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, cilantro, chili lime crunch, and radish, all served on a steaming bed of brown rice. Or, choose our North Shore Ahi Tuna. This Hawaiian classic has the Ahi tuna marinated in a soy sauce base with sesame oil, red pepper, seaweed, scallions,jalapenos, edamame, and cucumber, all served with white rice. In all of our classic poke bowls, you can switch your foundation or your seafood to your liking. Create your own signature poke bowl to enjoy every time you visit the International Poke Company in Colorado Springs.


When it comes to healthy, you’ll find it exceedingly difficult to beat poke at the International Poke Company. It is packed full of superfood ingredients naturally to give you energy, keep you lean and strong, and keep your body’s cells working properly. Our poke bowls are naturally light and airy, so you don’t feel bloated or yucky after eating. Furthermore, we prepare all of our meals in an environmentally-friendly way, desiring to leave as little carbon footprint as possible. After all, poke by design is minimally impactful to the environment, using all natural ingredients that burst with flavor.

We pride ourselves on offering the best tasting poke in the area, using only the freshest ingredients and fish caught in a non-impactful way. We do our best to give you the best customer experience, and we always welcome feedback on the job we’re doing.

The International Poke Company exists to bring what we believe is one of the best foods to you that tastes great, is filling but not overly-so, and will leave you craving more. Visit us in Colorado Springs today!