1. Reasons Poke Bowls are Trending

    Odds are, you haven’t head of a poke bowl until very recently. Rhyming with okay, poke bowls are one of the latest food crazes — and for good reason. This Hawaiian import is popping up in five star restaurants all across the continental US, as well as on food shows and even in homes. We predict this versatile food will soon be as mainstream as tacos and pizza. The International Poke Company, t…Read More

  2. How to Build a Poke Bowl

    In our last blog post, we discussed the endless variety of poke bowls and how poke bowls have evolved from simplistic creations of a fish and seaweed with some added salt, to marvelous creations of not only fish and seaweed, but also rice, chicken, quinoa, tacos, nachos, and endless more. The International Poke Company offers the best poke bowl creations in Colorado Springs, from our market salads…Read More

  3. The History of Poke in Hawaii

    Fish on Fridays has been a tradition for many, many years. Fish is one of the healthiest foods for you. Fish is high in protein, low in fat, and full of healthy fats, especially omega-3 fatty acids. Fish is light, cooks fast (or not at all in the case of sushi or poke), and makes a great meal when you’re in a rush. The International Poke Company offers the best poke bowls in Colorado Springs. Ch…Read More

  4. What Is the Difference Between Ceviche and Poke?

    Ceviche and poke are very similar dishes, but what’s the difference? At International Poke Company in Colorado Springs, we get this question quite often from our poke restaurant guests, so we’ve decided to write a blog post on the topic. Ceviche, also called cebiche or seviche, is a wonderful seafood dish that is often made from fresh raw fish that has been cured in citrus juices (think lemon …Read More

  5. What Is Ahi Poke?

    If you like burrito bowls and you love sushi, you’re taste buds are going to adore an ahi poke bowl. This trendy, Hawaiian-inspired dish has become a favorite among people in Colorado Springs, and for good reason. Pronounced poh-kay, ahi poke is basically a salad of cubed raw ahi tuna that has been marinated in sesame oil, soy sauce, or another delicious dressing. Often tossed with other ingredi…Read More

  6. Poke FAQs

    If you’re wondering about the mouthwatering dish that is poke, you’ve come to the right place! The International Poke Company in Colorado Springs is incredibly passionate about this Hawaiian-inspired dish, which is why we’ve dedicated our livelihood to serving up some of the best poke in Colorado. We offer poke dishes from around the world, so if you want a taste of Peru, Thailand, or Hawaii…Read More

  7. Add These Ingredients To Your Poke Bowl For A Healthy Kick

    According to Business Insider, poke was the biggest fast casual trend of 2017. This comes as no surprise to us, because we think poke is one of the healthiest and most convenient dishes out there! At The International Poke Company in Colorado Springs, we’re passionate about providing internationally inspired poke to residents and visitors of Colorado. We offer poke dishes from all around the wor…Read More

  8. 3 Facts About Hawaiian Poke Bowls

    Hawaiian cuisine has become incredibly popular among Colorado residents, especially Hawaiian poke. As one of the state’s most loved dishes, Hawaiian poke is a great way to taste some of the island’s best offerings, while enjoying bountiful flavors and a full stomach. Poke is considered to be a local food, or “local grind” in Hawaii. At The International Poke Company in Colorado Springs, we…Read More

  9. 5 Things To Know About Hawaiian Poke

    Poke, also called poke sushi, is a century-old dish that was originally derived from Hawaii. Poke involves an array of fresh ingredients, including raw fish, which are specially combined to create delicate flavors and a delicious, unforgettable dish. At The International Poké Company in Colorado Springs, we’re passionate about creating chef-designed, environmentally-friendly poke at our poke re…Read More

  10. What Is A Poke Bowl?

    People all over the world are freaking out over poke bowls, but what exactly are these delicacies? Translated from Hawaiian, poke means “to slice or cut,” and often refers to raw fish or meat. This unique dish is traditionally made with the cheaper part of a firm fish (like the tail or head), before it is cut into thick cubes. This nutritious, customizable dish is ubiquitous in Hawaii, and has…Read More